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jueves, marzo 07, 2013

David Gilmour Live In Gdansk Polonia 26-Agosto-2006

Unbeliveble concert! The most beautiful concert i've ever seen (After Pink Floyd-Pulse). This is for Pink Floyd and David Gilmour fans :). Hope you enjoyin' it.


Tracklist 1.Castellorizon 00:01 2.On An Island 01:50 3.The Blue11:00 4.Red Sky At Night 17:25 5.This Heaven 20:27 6.Then I Close My Eyes 24:55 7.Smile 34:30 8.Take A Breath 39:00 9.A Pocketful Of Stones 45:40 10.Where We Start 51:08 11.Astronomy Domine 59:00 12.High Hopes 01:03:40 13.Echoes 01:13:25 14.A Great Day For Freedom 01:39:00 15.Comfortably Numb 01:45:00

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