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martes, febrero 02, 2010

The fraud of Spain in Eurovision

Via Forocoches

To whom it may concern.

We would like to report the fraud commited by RTVE (Radio Televisión Española) in the election of the candidate who will represent Spain in Eurovision Song Contest.

We have noticed votes are not counting the same for all the aspirants. The candidates “Antonio gonzález el gato” and “john cobra”, are being capped by the website wich counts the votes.

As we can see in the graphic underneath, the votes counted by the website have been significantly reduced in the past days although we know people has been voting as usual.

Total Votes:

Actualization vote increase:

Dayly increase and constant vote contribution:

We have seen aswell, massive failures in the validation system, wich only affect to the candidates that do not follow the mainstream, mainly the two above. We have gathered proofs that admit no refutation.

- Failures in vote confirmation:

- Failures in captcha introduction:

- Candidate “Fran Dieli,” wich follows mainstream, and was a participant of the contest “Operación Triunfo”, is contesting with a song wich has previously been published by the Spanish Group “ella baila sola”:

- Candidate “el Pezón Rojo” is contesting with a song published in 2008:

- Candidate “el Pezón Rojo” is contesting with a song published by David Bowie (Life on Mars):

We ask for the disqualification of spain from the contest due to the massive cheatings detected by loads of users of the web interface wich counts the votes. We know spain is donating huge ammounts of money to the contest but we can not allow cheatings of any kind in a fair contest, wich represents the musical talent of europe.

Signed, an ashamed citizen of spain,

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3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Hay un tongo descaradísimo por parte de RTVE, doy fé.


Anónimo dijo...

Es una verguenza.

Anónimo dijo...

Vergonzoso sin duda alguna.

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